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Optimize food plant operations by integrating Symphony MES with your ERP system

Although traceability has been part of the food industry for a long time, it has become a cornerstone over the last several years. With all this buzz, many plants have either tried to implement a new traceability system or replace an outdated one. Many questions swirl around implementing or improving traceability. What exactly is traceability? How can I achieve better traceability? What sort of ROI will I get if I update my plant’s traceability? […]

The popularity of ERP systems in the manufacturing world seems to be ever increasing. In a day and age when data equates to dollars the more relevant data that can be generated the better. Larger food processors dedicate full-time staff to maintain, collect, and analyse data coming into their ERP systems. A good ERP system will enable a food processing plant to take an in depth look at their processes in order to maximize their efficiencies and streamline the flow of production […]

The Food Safety Modernization Act: Sanitary Design Principles and the Role of Scales in Food Processing

The SDP was developed by the Equipment Design Task Force (EDTF), a group of representatives from meat and poultry processing companies, and was published in 2013. The EDTF’s purpose in creating the SDP was to help equipment manufacturers and food processors ensure their equipment designs met specific criteria to reduce the risk of pathogens contaminating food. Although the SDP was created by representatives by businesses  already […]

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